Mloski - Scattered Thoughts (Micromanaged by Polygon Ring)

My contribution to a remix album of Mloski’s brilliant release from earlier this year, Labyrinth. You can check out and download the whole release for name-your-price over here:

It’s an awesome sountrack for my holidays and hopefully it will make your days sound great too. ;)

Nicely chill-out track, dressed in a fine coating of effects and subtle rythmic elements.
The chord progression reminded me of another track i heard before…
Had to search for it though…

nice tunage

cooh/balkansky is a legend btw !!!

way nice!! absolutely perfect atmosphere all around! i especially love the vinyl-esque crackle, it really gives the track a great polish.

Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it.

And Cooh is indeed a legend! Certainly one of the most prolific and consistently high quality electronic music producers from Bulgaria. We’re all very proud of him over here. :)/>