Mmc Transport To Queue Next/previous Pattern

(I think I saw this idea mentioned by someone else but I can’t find it anywhere.)

The fastforward command should queue the next pattern in the list (as per the new “live pattern queue” in 2.1)

Rewind should queue the previous pattern.

Two taps on fastforward should queue the second next pattern in the list.


Forgive me, I’m not aware of the current thinking about what to do with MMC. But I’d be a super handy way to control a song with a midi controller.

Yes? :blink:

haha! this is the first time I mentioned that there is no fast forward or rewind button in renoise.
so I’m not sure if I will ever use it.

but for some people this could be handy, right?

NOT forward or rewind (which I think would be handy just to have it assignable to MIDI!), but queueing the next/previous pattern.

Yes :)

Please :) +1