Mmd Albums On Bandcamp

That’s right, I’ve finally set up a Bandcamp webpage to host and market my music. Check it out!

I’ve now got the two latest projects up on there, and there are more on their way. I’ve even added artwork packaging and bonus secret tracks! Wow!


3 Smargaid Maerd

You can stream the tracks for free, or if you like you can purchase a download of a higher fidelity format. Finally some MMD out there in CD quality!

If you like what you hear please don’t hesitate to share it around on facebook and twitter. Your support in any way is very very appreciated!

Thank you for your attention, bye :)

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Btw, this stuff sounds really great!..
Nice and relaxed:)

Ooo I didn’t notice you embedded those there vV, looks interesting. Glad it was relaxing for you ;)

Got another album with will be up in a few days, from 2004. Plus some new bonus stuff from that period.

Bandcamp is down :confused:

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Try again, apparently they have the odd moment of downtime, not that I can verify that.

After some delays, it is finally up and ready to go…

Of all my older albums, 2 Smargaid Maerd remains as one I don’t feel disappointed about, and if I’m in a good enough mood I’m actually very proud of it! Now many years after the fact it is easy to look back at earlier work like this and frown upon certain technical shortcomings and artistic immaturity employed in the making of this music. In 2003, when most of this work was done, I only had very limited and lofi means of music production, and I was far from being in a stable emotional state to be producing pieces of high sophistication. Mind you, I’ll probably look back upon myself now in 10 years time and think the same thing, hence the problem of looking backwards. Nevertheless, these songs seem to strike an emotional chord with people, and with the limited audience it has reached it has spawned a life of its own beyond my own consideration. Well, despite the blemishes, I still love it – so I am keen to get it out there to a wider audience if possible. So if you’re in the mood for some highly individualistic composition; that is ‘pop’ yet ‘experimental’; lush but edgy; and highly emotional homebrew electronica – this album is for you.

Hence, here we are on Bandcamp! The original CD-quality FLAC files have been uploaded: so if you’re feeling so inclined to spend $10AUD, then a copy of the whole thing is yours. But that’s not all (as he puts on his Tim Shaw Voice), you get a re-organised PDF package of all the original artwork and lyrics; plus, there are three hidden bonus remix tracks as well! These are not available anywhere else. Because Bandcamp is so neat, all the files come in whatever format of your choice, all tagged and ready to go for your portable playing pleasure.

The three remix tracks are Absolutely Doomed, My Heart Only Beats For You, and There Are No Answers – Only Dub. They have been remixed and mastered only in the last few weeks. The originals were very lofi and harsh sounding, so it was a good opportunity to put my new skills and equipment to the test. I figured if I could make these old sonic disasters sound good, then I’m doing ok. They were upgraded to 96khz mixing, and in the final stages of the mastering were run through my new 12AU7 ECC82 Telefunken NOS ribbed plate tubes (read on in earlier posts about the technical details). There’s a lot of lofi-intensity still inside these mixes, but at the same time they should be smooth and sparkle with clarity. The remixes will give a new angle on the old songs, perhaps focusing their emotional impact. Beyond that, I’ll leave it to you to explore them.

Thank you so much for your support and interest.

2 smargaid maerd :yeah:

Thanks Suva. I knew you’d like that ;)

“We’re preparing your download now. In the meantime, please watch this thing spin around and around:”
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Sorry, couldn’t resist

what suva said on 2 Smargaid Maerd…

you rule at ruling and stuff mark, i almost always find something to enjoy in your tracks.

btw your voice always makes me think of brian eno! ;)

  • anko

Why thank you anko, I’m very happy that you can almost always find something to enjoy in my tracks. That’s pretty consistent.

I don’t know much of Eno’s vocal work, so I couldn’t say it has been a conscious influence.

yeh i didn’t think it was conscious, and it’s not a stylistic thing, just something about the tone or timbre of the voice. listen to some of the tracks on ‘before and after science’ and you might hear what i mean, although it may be one of those things where others can hear it more than the singer themselves… or it may just be meh own raggedy brain. ;)

  • anko

2 Smargaid Maerd is awesome!

Thanks dfast! :) We like the awesome.