_mmd_mastering Returns!


I’m pleased to announce after a vague break my own production operation is back up and ready for business:


This is a service for:

  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Production

For Renoisers this means I can work on XRNS files to do a mix, or I can master mixdowns of your songs. I’m also keen to try my hand at being a ‘producer’ in a full professional creative capacity. I’ve worked with some really talented people from here before, and I’m keen to build on that experience professionally. Rates are very reasonable and results are tailored for each client for world-class presentation. For more information, in every regard, please visit the website and read the FAQ.

Thanks for reading. Best of luck with your tunes! :D

Thanks EatMe, I’ll fix that up. Still some bugs hanging around on that website I’ve yet to refine - but the main point is that the service is up and running again.

There were a few people from these forums who a while back were looking to book me for more work on their projects - if you’re on of those people please get in contact with me, I may have lost your email.

I think I will be interested in a near future…

Anyone interested can either use the contact form on the website, or just PM me directly.