Mobile Forum

Today I went to check the renoise on my smartphone and bam! It’s all mobilized. I like it. Good job peeps!

Yes, you can also view it on your computer by choosing IP.Board.Mobile skin.

Yes, me too. Proper job! I must say that I am getting pretty biased toward non-mobile compatible sites as I spend at lot of time in transit using my BB/iPod

And now we have a twitter-esq feed on the right of the main page with all our status updates. Forum on steroids :)

hm, maybe a stupid question… but what’s the address for the mobile version?

Ignore me, not reading things properly. Does you’re phone not automatically go to correct version if going to ??

When your mobile browser hits it switches to ‘mobile’ mode - you just need to make sure that your mobile browser is not set to identify itself as a desktop browser

Works fine on iPod and BlackBerry

thanks guys, will fiddle a bit with the phone!

I accidentally clicked “view full” on my iPod and now I can’t get back to mobile mode… Help!

At the bottom of the page there’s a theme selector. You can use that to switch between the mobile theme and regular theme.

Now if only renoise itself was on my mobile phone. Speaking of which (OT), has anyone heard anything more about the android port of milkytracker? The early port I tried seemed to be not quite functional/usable yet.

Byte is back!