Mobile Friendly Forums?

Hi Renoisers–

Am I the only one who struggles accessing the Renoise forums on a mobile device? About 90% of the time I visit here, I’m on my phone, and it’s a terrible UX to engage with the desktop version of these forums. I feel like I’ve_seen_ the mobile interface, but I don’t know how to reliably get to it when I’m following a discussion.

What does everyone else do?


When I log on to the forum from a phone, I scroll down to the very bottom.

In the left corner, there’s a link to a mobile friendly theme.

Yup - very well hidden :ph34r:

Somehow the IPBoard software does not automatically switch to the mobile theme, but strangely enough, it still offers that link (which is otherwise not present).

IPBoard 4 (the newer version) has responsive layout throughout. That update is going to happen eventually and will fix this issue once and for all.

When i log on with my phone i usually just throw the phone at the wall and log on with my PC.

Yeah, but i kicked my roommate out but he still lives in a van in the driveway…

i bet he loves good cellphone forums…