mobile sketchpad

im suggesting this kit for mobile tracking projects, for later uploading to Renoise (for further composing, editing and to add VST’s and effects)

Pocket PC (any of several oldschool models, I’m using Dell’s Axim x30 that i found new/refurbished on ebay for 40 US )
Android smartphone

MilkyTracker (free)

compose on the go on Milkytracker in xm, load into Renoise and finish as xrni…

This approach works beautifully, and will suffice until there’s a Renoise for IOS

…and/or XM file output from renoise =)

Good idea, things change a bit when you import xm to renoise, but not too much.
milkytracker on an android phone is tricky to use.
much nicer with a stylus and D-pad like on a PDA.

Sunvox is better… has synths, reverb + filters + BPM/tick sync echo

  • flanger and more. loads xi instruments, uses all the usual standard tracker commands.
    but cant save as xm to load into renoise.

on PDA might as well use both milkytracker and sunvox.
render to wav for both programs

but headphone out on PDAs is usually quieter, more background noise than on android phones.
Renoise for iOS probably wont happen…
microsoft surface tablet running sunvox and renoise would be nice.
one thing about renoise - if your neighbour or someone in the next room can hear your typing, you cant use it late at night.
but sunvox (and milkytracker too) you can. the microsoft surface keyboard is completely flat and silent. so it looks pretty good. too expensive though. after five years all laptop will be something like that.

I think it’s more than point Renoise for ARM processors is very unlikely to happen!!

Hey thanks for pointing that out! I just installed Sunvox on my tablet. I was looking for a way to arrange renoise-made loops on it. This is awesome and the interface works very well.