Mod Wheel - Record to automation instead of pattern effects?

Hi guys,

Anytime I record Modwheel input from my controller, it’s going into the Effect Commands lane in the Pattern Editor.

I’d prefer to have it go into an automation envelope…

But the button for “record right-clicked parameters to graphical automation instead of pattern FX” doesn’t seem to apply to Midi input such as the Modwheel, because regardless of the state of that box, the modwheel gets recorded as a pattern effect…

any way around this?

thanks a ton!


Modwheel is nothing more than a CC message, and Renoise should be able to map those to parameters just fine.

I think the problem is that you haven’t mapped the mod-wheel to anything. The message goes into the pattern because it has nowhere else to go?

Now, when you consider the layout of a standard keyboard, mod-wheel is closely related to pitch-bend. But pitch-bend is actually working a bit like you describe, as it can’t be mapped to an arbitrary parameter. These messages are always entered into the pattern, and received by the instrument they point to.

Of course, this too can be worked around if you convert the pitch-bend to a something else… but let’s save that discussion for another time :lol: