Mod Wheel Use On Sample Instruments?

is it possible to use a midi mod wheel to pitch up and down samples of an instrument and record these movements?

Well, if you have a VST plugin that supports pitching, you can assign your modwheel controller to the vst parameter, but the sample pitch rate in the instrument editor is not supported by the midi commands.
Though remember that it pitches the whole channel. And there might be a delay in the pitching work.

this is a fun idea! i would suggest arguru’s Directwave for doing this. it shouldnt be a problem what so ever an you can automate offsets with it too.

tho it kinda sucks using an external sampler from inside renoise, when renoise Has its own sampler!

Its own sampler isn’t perfect yet, though the next edition will have some improvements, not much. (at least not enough that i can say i could live without an external sampler)
But there are enough parameters with the VSTI to do slide and pan-tricks and i can use some VST’s for retrig etc.

it would be great to be able to do this with a range option for pitch up down also

so much easier and no kontakt