Modarchive Is In Trouble

I figured I’d post here letting everyone know m0d/redheat from ModArchive had to buy dedicated hosting for Modarchive recently because DaveHost, the cheap host they were on, went down. m0d has posted a paypal link on the site so that people can donate money to pay for hosting if they like.

As this is a tracker forum, and ModArchive is one of the largest tracked music repositories on the web, I figured this might be a place to post about the issue, and help m0d out. Please feel free to check out ModArchive if you haven’t already. Here’s the link:

BTW, I’m not trying to guilt anyone into donating, I just wanted to bring this issue to the attention of those who have found the site to be useful in the past and would want to help out.

I have downloaded tons of MODs from ModArchive until now. A very good database. I look forward to the obviation of their problem.

I was talking to some guy in IRC last night who said he actually downloaded the entire archive. Took him two weeks or something crazy like that. X-K00N-D0 I think. He said he was going to put up online somewhere like rapidshare. ?

Oh, thats fantastic… really <_< . These are the sort of people I would prefer cough up some money with the amount of burden they put on our server(s), also taking the Mod Archive and posting it on Rapidshare is an illegal act. We have an official torrent system already implemented, and well, let me just say: how “un-scenely” of him if he does this. <_<

Edit: This issue has been reconcilled (sp?) with the chap himself. :)

This guy’s got plenty of time, it will take more than another two weeks to upload!

m0d —> Not sure if I remember it correctly, but think that’s what he said.

So you need money to find a new host? Is that right?

The ModArchive is a staple website of the scene. Amazing to see it still up after all these years. I’ll have a visit to the donation link. :)

Shouldn’t it be possible to get some kind of EU funding for this? I mean, I know people who gets EU funding for things like a board game club and a paint ball club. Maybe an inquiry to a local culture official would help?

weird… someone has uploaded my crappy “big chip compo 3” entry from 2001 to the modarchive :) Why would anyone do that? and it was uploaded in feb 2007! :P

Modarchive deserves a lot of credit …

It might be difficult to appreciate now, but “tracking” has evolved to this point because the concept has been kept alive by sites like modarchive for years. Renoise wouldn’t be what it is today without institutions like modarchive celebrating and promoting the tracker format - Renoise was build on this pedigree and modarchive is a symbol of that.

For that reason we need to treat modarchive like a protected species.

Modarchive is currently now running from a proper dedicated server I have forked a wadload of cash personally to continue it’s existance. I want to recouperate some of these costs by means of asking for donations, it’s not a big thing to ask for surely…

Let’s just say that If I had not rented this new server, then by the end of April Modarchive would have gone offline, permanently. I did a rally to see if anyone was willing to donate services, however this just didnt work out because it became extremely frustrating dealing with the types of offers which didn’t meet the minimum requirements set out on the rally, or by offers which were under the grossly wrong assumption that we didn’t NEED the spec laid out in the requirements! - which, i…just…didn’t…get… pffft… people.

So, in order to continue Modarchive in a sustainable mannor, I no longer rely on a donated host for the main website - Its far too much hassel having to uproot the whole f****en thing and relocate every 6 months or whenever the donatee decides to push us off or shutdown/whatever.

Mick: Thanks for the donation, we are now up to $80 USD in total (all combined donations so far). I will eventually be paying in Euros so conversion and Paypal costs chip a small chunk off the overall amount (hence the drive for $800).

OT: Oh and for those I saw discussing elsewhere, the Archive stores all of the modules compressed. On disk the size is roughly 31GB.


P.S I forgot to mention, that even if you can’t help by donating, visiting the site and clicking on a advertisement banner (the one in the center of the page, preferably) then it’s possible to “donate” about $0.50, it varies a lot so it can be a lot less, however only do it once though else the click is cancelled by the false-positive sensing jiggerypokery of googleads.

You mean the google adds right?

Yeah that’s a great idea, and if everyone is using, the amount of ip origin changes would allow an individual to donate a couple of clicks (if originating-ip gets registered)

I believe Google is pretty strict when it comes to that stuff. They will simply cancel the account and stop any payments if they suspect any foul play, and I’m sure they already know about the ip groups associated with all the anonymizers out there. It’s probably not worth the risk in my opinion.

Well a proxy server is just a proxy server and anonymizer is just making use of those. I may expect google to ignore hits from clicks coming from proxies, but banning accounts because of an enormous amounts of hits coming from a few proxy-servers would be pretty unfair if most of the hits come from different users behind the provider that hosts the proxyserver for them.
I doubt they would deny clicks from Texas University or similar proxyservers.

One genuine click per person is all that is necessary. Cheating the system is not. Maybe the ad on the end of the click holds something relevent and useful to you, hahahaha… wishful thinking.

Donation sent, all the best in keeping it going. Long live the ModArchive.

:) Thanks, I will be in touch via email.

Thanks in part to many Renoise members, the donation drive has been quite successful so far, now totalling almost 560 euros, which for the short period of time is incredible. Only a little way to go and then we have secured the remainder of the full year, any overspill goes into the following years funding pot.

Again, thanks to many of you guys :) You know who you are - also listed on the Donors page at