Modern Drummer Kontakt Routing


Well, firstly I have read through the many threads related to Kontakt routing and Renoise and can’t find a solution to my problem.

I have set up Kontakts mixer with a bunch of new channels, but for this example let’s just focus on the “OH ST” channel in Modern Drummer. I’ve made a new stereo channel in the Kontakt mixer called “OH ST” and assigned the channels “Unassigned 1” and “Unassigned 2” to it, I’ve then routed from the Modern Drummer Mixers OH ST channel to the newly created OH ST Kontakt mixer channel, then in Renoise’s Audio Routing section I’ve sent “Unassigned 1” and “Unassigned 2” to a Renoise mixer channel which I’ve also named “OH ST”, to keep things nice and consistent.

To me this seems to be set up correctly, however my ears are telling me that this is not correct at all, and here is why…

If I load the kit in Kontakt without any of this fancy routing and solo the OH ST channel in Modern Drummers mixer, I can tell that it is definitely a stereo channel and sounds very bright, but after routing it as above, the result is very much mono, and very dull sounding.

In both cases I’ve disabled all of Modern Drummers effects/processing so I don’t think it is that. Also, in the OH ST channel which I created in Kontakts mixer I can definitely see some stereo action when I send the Modern Drummer channel of the same name to it, but when it hits Renoise it’s mono and dull sounding.

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

Outputs are always treated as (stereo) pairs in Renoise, but perhaps they are assigned differently in the plugin - for example, with some tracks being mono while others are stereo?

I would verify that with multiple output channels.