It’s been quiet from me for too long. I’m working hard on a new album, from which I’d like to share the first finished track, called “13”.

Any constructive criticism, comments and/or praise are welcome.


hey atte, I’m on the “praise” side :walkman:

Thanks for listening and the kind words :slight_smile:

nice track, good job on the mix , all these little detail are awesome

Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it alot! I’ve been working on the mix after this was posted (not online, will be part of the album).

sweet tune! thanks for sharing :)

Those strings and piano and so simple but the entire track is just full is subtle complexity and awesomeness. Looking forward to the album! You got a new follower!

Excellent beautiful work, look forward to the whole album.

Thanks for listening and for the kind words, I really appreciate it!

Lovely track!!

I like it