Modlys/Flow (Album For Rpm2010)

I just finished a new modlys album, entitled “Flow”, available from the modlys bandcamp site: It’s part of the RPM challenge, 2010, which means everything is written, recorded and produced in february 2010.

I know some here have listened to previous modlys stuff, so for you: I think this one is more punchy, more diverse and more to the point. Hope you enjoy it.

Some entrypoints:

For some vocal stuff: Uden dig (album version), Treenighed, Dit milde ansigt or Der er stille her (a piano ballad)

My take on breakcore (or at least inspired by breakcore): Til kernen

Two slow moving meditations: Langsom gengivelse 1 and Langsom gengivelse 2

Some instrumental “electronica”: Flyd or Andetsteds

There are more tunes, the above walk-through is just meant as a help for those as lazy as me <_<

If anyone feels like commenting, don’t hold back :lol:

Any feedback, be it hate or praise (or something in between) is more than welcome, I’m still just trying to learn, you know :)

the whole album is really beautiful. a bit darkish mood.
fo’ shizzle, im really impressed!!
my fav. is genstart.

til kernen sounds familiar… dont know from a movie or old musical? or is it somehow part of a older folk song? (may i remember later)

uden dig and dit milde ansigt arent my cup, i guess its because such moody vibe (whole album) is killed by a ‘singing’ vocal most of the times (imo).

good balanced album with a very good sound.

9 out of 10.

thanks for sharing this brilliant package of art.

Really? I was considerint leaving that one out, but decided it made for a good opening…

I might subconsciously have stolen it, but as far as I know it’s my composition…

That’s ok. I was a bit undecided whether it should be an entirely instrumental album or mixed (the project “modlys” in general has vocals), but because of the short time (everything had to be finished within February) I kind-of had to go with the flow and along came some songs with vocals.

I see what you mean, however. I tried (but might not have succeeded) to maintain the feel from the rest of the album in vocal tracks such as “treenighed”.

Thanks for your very kind words and thoughtful feedback! I really appreciate it!