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Hi fellow renoisers

As part of rpm2010 I did a track in a style I don’t normally work in (I would call it “eurodance”, but I’m not sure). Any feedback appreciated, especially regarding how to get the track more kicking, anything related to the low end.

I’m still to figure out what and how and why side chain compression is, but I have a feeling this track falls in a genre where that could be useful. If so any pointers to how/why would be appreciated. Is there such a thing as a xrns demoing side chaining compression?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Hey mate,

It is what it is - Eurodance…but let me tell you its great.

I dont understand a word of it, but this track would not be out of place on a dancefloor in a commercial club.

I enjoyed the break, and the sneaky use of autotune.

Nice one.

Thanks. I normally don’t think in genres, just go with the flow. What started this was a simple ambition of doing something with a “four on the floor” bd.

Flattering! Still I feel the lo end could be more punchy, but I’m not sure how to go about that.

Thanks, again.

Hey Atte,

Really nice tune, love the lyrics as always.

You asked about sidechaining, I’m not sure it would help in this tune but usually it’s used to give that kind of pumping feel you hear in a lot of house music or trance.
In terms of mixing your track it can help to bring certain elements out or make them sit right by giving some headroom.

It sounds more complicated than it really is, I have a small xrns up using the signal follower if you want to investigate native sidechaining in renoise here. It needs the latest renoise RC1.

Anyway great track, lyrics to die for as always :D

Thanks for the file, the effect is indeed dramatic (and cool) in your example! Actually I just did some tests myself and figured out the thing with the signal follower and gainer myself. I see you also control the threshold of a compressor, can you say anything about the difference between that and a simple gainer? Also I see you are more elaborate, using (magic values for the) scaling and a slow attack. Are those magic settings or is it just a matter of experimenting and getting a feel for how different settings affect the mix?

BTW: Although I’m only on headphones right now, I can definitely hear a positive effect of using signal follower + gainer on the posted track. Will work more with this, for sure.

Thanks for the nice words. I assume you don’t speak danish and hence in fact mean “vocals” <_<

I think you should try to separate the frequencies of bass and bassdrum more, in order to be able to pump them both a bit more. a butterworth of 8th order above 60hz for the bassdrum could probably be a way to achieve this

Thanks for the input. I’m not sure what you mean, unfortunately.

Should the butterworth be on a separate track driving the signal folower or do you mean the whole bd sound should be cutted above 60hz? What about the bass, should I experiment with filters on that? Should I aim for the lowest freqs comming from the bd, the bass, a mix or doesn’t it matter?

Thanks for helping!

yes, I mean this: after cutting, you should try to achieve more loudness by the mean of a compressor on the bassdrum and the bass separately.