The Drumrolls Like Flashbulb thread is getting long. There is a lot of info there, and this is pretty much a new topic that was getting started in that thread, so I decided to create a new one.

In this thread we post links to mods. So (from a good dude in the Ragga-Jungle forum called Terrorphile) here we go:

if you know some more, share the knowledge. Learn and enjoy.



Well, why not adding ? OR

Thx vvoois!

this is amazing. :blink:

Yeah, amazing that you didn’t found it yet while they have been around for decades :P

lol :)

I know! :unsure: That’s what happen when you are a cubase/reason b*tch. <_<

But then again I stared using a tracker seriously less than 2 years ago and didn’t even know they existed before that.

anywhoo… there is a lot of knowledge in these websites and I’m sure other n00bs will apreciate this.

Thx again!

The happy news about folks still don’t knowing about trackers is they are potential customers.