Modulate attack with velocity?

Am I right that the attack time cannot be modulated by velocity? I looked all over the forum and that seems to be the way it works (or doesn’t work as the case may be) but I hadn’t seen a post on it in a while and I was hoping this had been added in an update or something.


You can modulate attack time, but you need a couple of devices outside of the sampler.

velocity-attack-modulation.xrns (6.9 KB)

I’m not an operand aficionado, so maybe this approach comes with some other limitations, but isn’t this doing it inside the instrument?

attack_velocity.xrni (2.5 KB)

Not sure how it works in conjunction with other envelopes and such…

Clever solution! But that does seem to clobber AHDSR evelopes. And the solution to use the devices outside of redux looks great, but I don’t need renoise, I am just looking at redux.

I had my cursor on the purchase button and then found it couldn’t do this. Now I’ll have to think about it a bit more. It seems like all the VST samplers out there check most of my boxes but always fall short in a couple areas. I think redux is the closest yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for the necroposting.

As as a client and once user of trackers since the mid 90’s as a child/teenager, where I could work with Impulse tracker at a speed I have never reached again. Now using Reaper as a DAW.

Actually this is my biggest/second biggest first world problem with Redux as a registered user. One of the issues that makes that I have to have e.g. AKAI MPC beats installed.

Sometimes I want to use Redux as a bare drum sampler, or sequencer. Being able to modulate the ADSR/AD envelope points with velocity helps giving sampled drum hits some variation. Same with modulating the sample playback start point with velocity (or pattern Note volume).

PS: I would buy the software again and again even without this. It is still brilliant.

PS2: The other “issue” is not being able to slice multiple loops non-destructively along with single hits in the same Redux instance.

PS3: Another brutal FR would be to have a special type of sample mapping to an audio input, while still being able to gate it with patterns, use all the FX etc.