Modulate start point of sample playback

So i tried the sampler the first time tonight in Renoise 3.1. After recording my first sound the first thing I tried was to set the start point of the sample… and after searching around for 5 mins and reading the manual and forum for another 10, it seems like this is not possible?

Is this right, even in 3.1? I read the workarounds are editing and cutting the sample itself, using the slice markers, or the Sxx pattern command?

As other mentioned, it’s strange this great sampler does not have this basic option?

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Yeah, I’m still a little surprised by this a sampler-based DAW.

What I wonder is: is there another way that Renoisers do this that I haven’t picked up on yet? It seems too obvious an omission.

Renoise misses a lot of more traditional sampler features. Why that is the case? Not sure. It has been requested many times since many years, but it seems the developers just have no interest in it. Their background is purely trackers, so I guess they are just not that familiar with a more traditional (hardware) workflow for creating electronic music. They might just not see why such features are needed, because they themselves don’t need them. That’s just a guess though. There might be other reasons.

Yes, fladd is right. Our background is based on trackers. That’s why we are creating trackers?

And the great bible of trackers says “You shall not modulate sample start/end”? :slight_smile:

I bet this will make it in, one day. Just not 3.1-day

Or maybe it is very difficult to connect 0SXX command + manual sample start + automation of loop points. No other daw has something like OSXX (loop points are the only thing they have to deal with)…

We are now at 3.3 and its 2021 and nope its still not a feature. I just reinstalled renoise after a few years now that i got a small laptop up and running and after 3 minutes i was sitting in the sampler trying to do this and then discovered that nope …

Not sure im reading this right but I’ve been using the Fasttracker 2
90x command to change the start point of the sample for ages to
remove transients from drum hits on occasion among other uses.
AFAIK the OSxx accomplishes this same effect.

yes this can be done… but it only happens when you start the sample and not when its running. So you cant modulate it. So if you have a sample that loops and you want to start messing with the loop length while its playing this cannot be done :slight_smile:

isn’t that tool for thatkind of modulatin’¿

"Allows you to change how a sample is being looped by controlling the movement of two slice markers. Loop playback responds to both start and end marker movement."

Can you help us understand what you are trying to achieve in modulating the start point of a sample? What kinds of sounds are you looking to achieve?

Even if a sample start point could be modulated by an LFO, this modulation would only be consulted once the sample starts playing, if you were hoping to scrub the sample in a granular fashion, most other samplers would have you modulate the loop start and end points. With this in mind, -Sxx is consistent with the experience a modulatable start point has in other samples, but perhaps requiring us to chose that point intentionally.

Check out this thread and my comments on it: Again, an even more ideal way to randomize phase/audio offset
@beatsgo’s instrument acts as a functional sample scrubber with certain settings applied

caveat emptor: this instrument did brick my last computer when I was changing samples on the fly with high-intensity glitching