Modulating Macros Within

Possible to modulate macros within instrument?

Y not?

I find myself with all these complex present ideas but I’m unable to creatively execute. Forced to modulate instrument in track, then when I want to recall later I have to match up effects chain with instrument.

Is there a way to recall instrument within a track level effects chain?

it is inofficially possible to automate the macros from the instrument effects chains. you can put an inst.macros device into a doofer in a track, and copy paste into instrument effects, you may not unpack the doofer though the device has to stay inside. of course this way you could create “feedback” which will normally result in renoise pretty erratically modulating stuff in an ugly glitchy way, but if you take care it will work very well. This makes sense when you want to modulate the instrument filters, amp, pitch etc.

Awesome, that’s really cool. Thanks for the tip OppsIfly