Modulating Modulation!

I apologize if this has been mentioned before but I search high and low in this sub-forum but didn’t find anything about it. If there is another topic about this that I managed to overlook, feel free to merge or even delete this topic if I didn’t really contribute anything new. Anyways, on to the actual suggestion:

There seems to be an absence of modulation for the new modulation feature, unless I am underestimating the true power of these tools. I find the sound of modulating the frequency of an LFO with an envelope extremely satisfying and I think a more refined version of what I’m thinking of would be great for sound design. To keep this as concise as possible, I’ll try to explain what I’m talking about. I hooked up an LFO to the volume of a tonal sample and want to get the same sound out of it as I would if I had manually adjusted the frequency of the LFO with my mouse.

Thanks! I’m loving it so far and I’ve just barely scratched the surface.

P.S. You can get a similar effect with LFO devices so I don’t think this is too far removed from the Renoise philosophy. ;)


Also useful for something like Key Tracking -> Envelope Decay for semi-modelling Electric Piano sounds.

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dunno if I get you, but you can midi-map (ctrl+m) the frequency slider of an lfo to a midi-controller and twist yourself to orgasm…or click on macro’s, click on the little map button, click the frequency slider in the lfo to map it, …

Now go to the DSP panel and add a ‘*Instr Macros’ device… you’ll see your mapped value and can either right mouse click the knob to record the automation…or go to the automation editor and draw a curve.

IMO it would be much more straight forward, easier if the instrument editor devices could be automatically recorded into automation through right mouse clicking / or being available in the automation editor when added, without the need to set-up a macro & go into the dsp panel first.

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You’re absolutely correct if you’re talking about DSP devices but I don’t think there is a way currently to map/automate/modulate modulation parameters (the new Renoise 3.0 feature). Modulation is a little different in that it’s re-triggered every time you hit a note instead of working with sample commands or linear automation.

Have you tried to do what I described above??? It is perfectly possible to automate the modulation section of the instrument editor!! It is one of the important new features.

Ah, now I see. For some reason I couldn’t just hook up a MIDI CC to the actual frequency of the LFO (in this example) and had to hook it up to a macro first. Thanks Djeroek. I love the Renoise community. I still think it could be a little more straightforward. :)

Cumbersome indeed, I think it has to do with how instruments relate to tracks in Renoise… If we could directly record changes in the instrument editor, how would Renoise know in which track to put the automation data? Where the cursor resides? Then what if you decide to play the same instrument on a different track? Tracks & instruments are not bound together.

I´ve have (had) same problem and Gova came with a great workaround!