List of feature suggestions for Renoise

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I have compiled this list to make it a bit easier to navigate the ideas & suggestions forum.
It does not represent a Renoise development roadmap or priorities, but is merely a more organized view of the many ongoing discussions.

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Renoise Sampler (.xrni instrument)

Instr. mute groups
[done 3.0]

Instrument with FX tied to one track
[done 3.1]

Instrument: Macro controlling Plugin / MIDI

Instrument: Ability to lock ‘sections’ (e.g. phrases) while changing preset

Instrument: Ability to route VST through internal DSP Chains

Instr. modulation: “modular” approaches

Instr. modulation: bracket devices (grouping devices)

Instr. modulation: async/free-run LFO

Instr.modulation: meta device (routing)

Instr. modulation: inertia device (smoothing)

Instr. modulation: custom scale for velocity tracker

Instr. Modulation: ability to add multiple filters

Instr. Modulation: custom curve for attack/release stage of ADHSR device

Instr. Modulation: pseudo-random LFO (apply same randomness across multiple samples)

Instr. Macros: rearrange order

Instr. Macros: store macro presets in instrument, add morphing

Instr. Macros: more than 8 macros per instrument

Doofer / Macro : representation of values

[done Redux/3.1] macros and doofers are now displaying the literal value
(although having multiple targets makes it impossible to show)

Doofer: allow outgoing sends

Doofer: parallel processing

Doofer: wet/dry mix

Doofer: drag presets to “install”

Since 3.1, DSP FX presets can now be drag-dropped

Doofer: name device after preset

Instr. Input Quantize: more values

Instr. Phrases: retrigger/one-shot trigger

Possible since 3.1 when using a sustain pedal

Instr. Phrases: looping, more playback modes

Looping phrases possible since 3.1

Instr. Phrases: recording notes from MIDI keyboard

Instr. Phrases: Mute/solo note columns

Muting/Soloing columns possible since Redux/3.1

Instr. Phrases: automate/control LPB

Instr. Phrases: (auto)-select playing phrase

Instr. Phrases: automation (control DSP via pattern commands/envelopes)

Instr. Phrases: affected by global groove / per phrase groove setting

Since Redux/3.1, phrases have an independent shuffle amount

Instr. Phrases: ability to target a specific phrase using pattern commands

Since Redux/3.1, you can use the Zxx (trigger phrase) command

Instr. Phrases: ability to target a specific sample, regardless of keyzones
[done Redux/3.1]

Instr. Phrases: fadeout phrase when released (note-off)

Instr. Editor: mute/disable samples (preview samples when using round-robin etc.)

Note: since 3.0 b6 it is now possible to prehear a single sample from sample-list

Instr. (general): External Samples(stored outside .xrni)

Instr. (general): Custom scale presets

Instr. (general): ability to automate scale for instrument(s)

[done 3.1] Use the MIDI-Automation device to select scale/key (CC#14, CC#15)

Instr. (general): Polyphonic limit, number of possible voices (user-adjustable limit?)

Instr. (general): Locking Key>Pitch, Vel>Volume in phrases with sample column

Instr. keyzone: more advanced detection of stacked layers (round robin, cycle)

Instr. Keyzone: assign different modes to different stacked samples (round robin, cycle)

Instr. keyzone: additional “random” mode (to complement round robin, cycle)

Instr. Keyzone: rendering plugins to create stacked layers (round robin, cycle)

Instr. Keyzone: triggering multiple notes at the same time (in cycle mode) should make use of same sample

Instr. Keyzone: improve “Distribute” with from/to value

Instr. Keyzones: crossfade of key/velocity ‘groups’

Instr. Editor / Keyzone: Sample Aliases

Instr. Modulation -> routing to Effects/FX-chain parameters

Instr. Sampler: loop crossfading

Instr. Sampler: randomize sample offset, other aspects of sound when triggering

Instr. Sampler: “batch-change” loop mode

Instr. Sampler: process instr FX (not track FX)

[done 3.1] waveform editor has an option to choose track or instr. FX

Instr. Sampler: recording - create sample on each take

Instr. Sampler: sample prehear options (basenote, transpose, from cursor)

Instr. Sampler: Sample Control Device

Instr. Sampler:Bandlimited/AntialiasedSample Playback
[done 3.1]

Instr. Editor: grouping of samples

Sample loop/slice-marker automation/modulation

Modulate/custom sample start-position

Instr. FX: rearrange chains by dragging
[done Redux/3.1]

Instr. FX: Mute/solo switches

Instr. FX: FX chain master wet/dry slider

Convolver: drag-drop files from browser
[done 3.0b6]

Convolver: use existing (loaded) waveform as source

Native synth/oscillator

Performance, MIDI related

Sustain Pedal support
[done Redux/3.1]

[done Redux/3.1]


[done] Redux/3.1 adds legato (+glide)trigger options

MIDI mappablePitch Bend

Higher resolution in time domain when recording automation

Allow MIDI mapping of PC keyboard velocity
[done 3.0b6]

Allow multiple master clock / MIDI sync outputs

Allow mapping pattern sections to MIDI controller
[done 3.1b4]

Recording sample, stop after XX patterns

Workflow/GUI Related

Instrument modulation: drag and drop / copy-paste between mod. cells

MIDI File import into phrase editor

Instr. Modulation: ability to zoom in/out of preview

Instr. FX: doubleclick plugin FX device to open ext. editor
[done 3.0]

Move keyboard velocity to top toolbar
[done 3.0]

Merge instr. activity LED with number

Bigger browser

Detachable browser

More complete support for files dragged onto application

Detachable Mixer

Detachable stuff, generally

File Browser: Sample list under instrument list

Instr. Editor: spectrum display[done 3.0]

Instr. Sampler: visualize autoseeked sample position

Alternative Main Tabs

Instr. Editor - tabs instead of accordion[done 3.1]

Keyzone/keyboard alignment

UI space optimization

Renoise/Redux UI - retina, high-dpi, 4k displays

Phrase Map - bigger resize/move handle

Remember scope/spectrum display on startup

Spectrum: show note value next to frequency
[done 3.0]

Virtual keyboard in Edit+Mix tabs

View presets (upper/lower pane sizes and instr. list)

UI regressions

Instr. modulation: put waveform behind modulation preview

Instr. (meta-)device routings: indicate routings at the affected parameter

Vst plugin: disable pinning by default

Option to switch between aliased and non-aliased graphics

Automation envelopes: visualize points as bars

Automation envelopes: multiple"stacked"tracks

Virtual Keyboard: visualize held notes, playing notes in phrases

Matrix: muting a group should grey out sub-tracks

Pattern Editor: Custom pattern highlight

Pattern editor: Smooth scrolling, editing across pattern boundaries

Pattern Editor: More fine-grained selection of pattern data
[done Redux/3.1]

Pattern Editor: Allow cursor movement in pattern editor without centered/scrolling view

Pattern Editor: Click+drag values in pattern editor

Pattern Editor: Custom Note Names (e.g. “KCK” instead of “C-4”)

Pattern Editor: Visualize waveformwithin tracks

Pattern Editor: Visualize note length within tracks

Render dialog: Open destination folder after rendering

Renoise General, Plugins and MIDI

VST MIDI routing
[done 3.1]

Sidechain (VST input)

Linux LV2 plugin support

MIDI mapping/parameter recording via plugin gui

MIDIPlugin routing: more outputs (3.1+)

Retain MIDI port settings when changing instrument

Increase number of patterns (> 1000)

Raise mixer delay to > 100ms

Advanced Edit: add ‘matrix’ as scope (along with selection, track in song etc.)

Map incoming MIDI using “any” channel (wildcard)

Instrument SysEx Device

“Hard-linking” instr. with tracks

Allow feedback in effect devices/audio routing

Mid/side processing in native DSP Effects

“Horizontal” matrix aliases (for layering of sounds)

“Pattern pool”

Quantize repeater input to selectable tempo

Meta Device: Pitch Follower/Detector

Display CPU usage for all plugins

Auto-seek phrases in pattern editor

Pattern command: “note-off in same line”

Pattern command: “set pitch” (on same line as triggering note)

Pattern command:“Sample pause”

Pattern command:Seeded MaYbe


Pattern command:MaYbe working in groups

Pattern Command: relative tempo changes

Pattern Command: select groove preset instead of groove on/off

Sample Trigger Marker / Hit Point

Interactive envelope shrinking/resizing

Lua API related

Please see the API wishlist thread, elsewhere on this forum.

Renoise as rewire slave: Ability to control instruments via master DAW
Links broken and images missing
Instrument modulation concept
Links broken and images missing
Random LFO in modulation section of an instrument
How to "Play the selected area" in another key?
Sampler section needs more basic features
Suggestions for Renoise 3.1
[impl] scope and spectrum pane
Renoise vs FL Studio
Detach Phrases From Keyzones. Implement Phrase Bank Instead
How to "Play the selected area" in another key?
Sending midi from Reaktor to a Renoise sampler instrument?
Automate Loop Points
Renoise vs FL Studio
Renoise vs FL Studio
Another (?) Audio track idea for waveform reference in tracks
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just wanted to say this is a massive effort! :D

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Yes, big ups!

Maybe we need a different way to organise feature suggestions, like a wiki perhaps…

EDIT: Never mind, I just realised I am making a feature suggestion about how to do feature suggestions… inception!

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Im blender user and is the new thing to talk about developing. In my opinion its great. Im mainly using it for bug raporting

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Yeah, it took a while to gather all those links
But, since the beta tests do not last forever, I really think it would be worth the extra effort in this special period.

Generally speaking, I will continue to update this page, once per day or perhaps every second day…

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Yeah, massive thanks for this list!
(Did I get this right, it’s only feature suggestions for this very release, right? Not all the classics included ;) )

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A quick update, having added some additional links and cleaned up ( - again! this board seems to mess with the code on each edit…)

Did I get this right, it’s only feature suggestions for this very release, right? Not all the classics included

I have done a slight amount of moderation on the links added so far - it’s kind of hard to say what is relevant and what isn’t.
But if you are about to ask for audio tracks or a full-blown arranger (“classics” happy.gif), yes then you should probably discuss this in the main ideas & suggestions forum.

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Good stuff!

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HAH, Gay.

Sorry. Had to.

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If you choose to ignore it, then yes.

Really, I think I know what you are trying to say. But the list is simply intended to reduce the risk of duplicate threads.
There are dozens of pages worth of feature suggestions just for the R3 betas, and I wouldn’t know myself where to start. Hence I started organizing & grouping the topics.

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“The nuance of meaning in a forum post on the internet was lost on another person reading it”

Heh. Not even close to being news then, I guess :slight_smile:

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I believe some requests options can have a strike-through…

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Sample start has nothing to do with loop-markers. This should be its own point. We don’t want that this gets forgotten, do we… :slight_smile:

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@Brian Grassfield: I split your suggestion into a separate topic, and added it to this list.

The new topic is located here

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That is Massive! :panic:

Just shows developing Renoise is not a walk in the park.

Good work!


Very nice move and huge work from Danoise ! Thank you so much :)

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LFO Auto Reset (on Song or Pattern start)

(Syflom) #19

Pattern command: “Pause sample”

(ReverendEntity) #20

GUI - Disk Browser - small waveform display window for selected/previewed samples. This would be extremely helpful for selecting single waveforms by shape.