Modulating modulator parameters

In Redux, it is possible to use the Meta plugins to modulate individual effects parameters.

It would be great to be able to modulate the modulator parameters too; let’s say, modulate the

amplitude modulation square wave frequency with an envelope, AHDSR or LFO.

It was easy to automate through macros, but as the functionality exists in the effects section, i don’t see

a reason why it would not exist in the modulator section as well.

Is this a planned feature?

Love the plugin otherwise, though i haven’t diven too deep yet. But it’s lovely to have such hands on feel and great visual feedback, when being so used

to poor interfaces of many popular VST instruments and samplers.

  • ilmari

Design choices, from two possible directions:

1.) Expand the modulation infrastructure so it becomes more like the dps effects. Like suggested here. So for example parallel/serial filters are possible, parallel modulations, stuff like this

2.) Make instrument effect chains polyphonic, probably with voice allocations. Now we can already make awsome monophonic synths with effect chains. But to have polyphony we would have to copy the whole instrument by the number of voices and won’t be able to have common processing for all voices encapsulated in the instrument. Also dsp effect chains’ have lower modulation resolution that the modulation filters?

The modulation works at the moment like dsp effects, and you can have parallel modulation right? Creating and envelope and after that an LFO makes the LFO modulate the envelope curve. The only thing you can’t do is to modulate the_parameters_of the modulators with another modulator, like you can do fit FX by using the meta plugins. The functionality already exists but for (probably a good) reason the meta plugins don’t work in the modulation section of redux.

your 2nd part i didn’t understand at all - how does it relate to modulation?