Modulating One Track With Another Track (am / Fm)

I’ve been playing with Pure Data lately and while it’s immensely flexible it’s also tad slow to use. It would be useful for sound design purposes if Renoise would have some of the power of Pure Data but in easier form. I mean mixing two tracks with more atomized effects, like amplitude modulation (multiply one track output with another track’s output). It would give loads of possibilities for constructing sounds.

One way to go would be a receiver effect of some kind on send track which would have these more complex modulation options like AM and FM while defaulting to current plain mixing (additive synthesis, I presume).

Another way for doing same thing would be special “modulation tracks” in which other tracks could send their signals.

Most flexible way would be node-based routing with mixing effects (AM, FM etc), but any way to modulate one track with another would be very, very nice (drawing LFOs in sample editor, using animal sounds to modulate a synth etc).

If I were you I would make a channel, or more chanels slave to the one “S” channel.
The I would use a vst fx, fm or am modulator as you mentioned