Modulation DSP lfo reset should be interpolated on change

Currently it clicks on change. And well, otherwise, people will get used to in andintegrateit into their songs. :stuck_out_tongue:

The LFO reset should be applied immediately.

The parameter the LFO is controlling should interpolate its own changes, if necessary.

What are you controlling that produces clicks?

I think the reason it clicks is that is applied immediately. I mean if people generally don’t like zipper noises, I would guess they don’t lick clicks either.(I’ve already integrated the click into something hehe) As you’re saying, the LFO meta device does indeed interpolate the change, but the one inside the modulation devices is not.

You did not mention the Chorus device anywhere in your original post. I actually thought you were talking about the LFO Device being used in either the sampler modulations or the sampler DSP chain.

Resetting the phase of the Chorus DSP seems like it could indeed be handled a little more smoothly in this case.

but it says DSP, therefore it’s those modulation devices

ok, my bad, hehe