Modulation Envelopes to Automation

Is there any sense in allowing modulation envelopes to show as automatable in the automation section if present/active?

I had a small issue that envelope lengths of 24 beats max is not enough as my resampling workflow usually
happens on lengthy pieces of audio with heavy automation; however, after thinking - the envelope
modulator opens the large external editor at present but what if instead all present/active envelopes were editable in automation?

Are there any other benefits in doing this? Obviously length restrictions will be non existent and maybe envelopes could be song-wide.

Just thought about it and wow the amount of complications that will eventuate is amazing. Oh well

I don’t know if I get you, but…

you can hook up the modulation envelopes from the instrument editor to a macro knob, than add a “*Instr.Macros” meta device in the dsp tab. Now you can draw automation for the linked macro knob in the automation editor.

Actually, nah i’m looking for control over an envelope not modulation depth.