Modulation Preview Weirdness

Load or create an instrument with a reasonably long volume envelope, such as the one attached (same goes for pitch/pan/etc.)
Go to the instrument screen -> sampler -> modulation -> volume

If you play a note and quickly release it before the envelope reaches its end node, the playback jumps to the “release” point in the graph where the curve indicates zero volume, but the sound is still fading out.

This is kind of obvious, so i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s normally supposed to behave this way.

When playing back a single note only, it would be possible to adjust the graph’s output to what exactly happens with the current note. This will not work when played polyphonically. Would then need to overlay multiple graphs on top of of each other, one for every note.

There are other limitations for the preview as well. Simply keep in mind that it’s a preview only. Trying to give you a hint of how the final modulation gets applied.