Modulation routing conundrum

I might be missing an obvious trick, but there is no way to feed the output of one mod set into another is there? I want to envelope a HPF cutoff on one sample and feed that into a master LPF on another Mod set. Or, is there a way to encapsulate one instrument into another and affect that globally?

I know I could create a filter on one of the sample fx lanes and make the envelope on a custom LFO, but that wold only be monophonic.

If it isn’t possible, are there workarounds for this kind of thing?


Neither parallel nor serial chains are possible currently. For parallel you can double the used samples as workaround, for serial there is no workaround AFAIK.

What I do when duplicated samples to different sets isn’t enough is using filters and other effects in the inst fx and then copy the whole instruments as many times as I need voices. Then I schedule the notes among the instruments manually. The notes can be in the same track. Polyphonic glue type effects or distorting together would then go into track/send fx.

But it is only feasible for an “offline” sequencing style where you enter the notes one after another while anticipating the result of them being played together. I know of no tool that would spread the notes automatically for jazzing or recording. Though I believe right now it could be possible to make one and then realtime allocate voices among the instruments.

But chainable mod sets are a brilliant idea. Sad that we can’t do it. I’d love it. It would make the current system even more peculiar and hard to understand and use for newbies, but it could be very powerful.

It would be rad. I guess short of a full-on mod matrix, there could be say 4 subs groups to throw modulation to, then each sub would respond normally to note input in a polyphonic fashion, and have an identical set like the current mod chains.

My old A4000 yamaha sampler has a similar setup actually, where the sample groups had their own filters and envelopes.