Modulation set, amplitute fade in lfo

Maybe someone can help me. I try to setup an lfo for volume, sine mode. The amplitude should increment in time. I tried to combine lfo with fader , but i simply dont get it right. Does someone have an idea or tip? I though i can use the delay of lfo, but it doesn’t smooth fade in the lfo :(

Try this:

4873 renoise-volume-lfo-fade.png

Yeah, but i need the offset of the lfo always been in the middle. Like when you play a sine wave with a long attack.

Oh, you don’t want it to start at silence, but at some existing volume level? (Remember that volume is not bi-polar)

Maybe like this?

4875 renoise-volume-lfo-fade.xrns

4874 renoise-volume-lfo-fade2.png

This looks like what i’m searching for. Seems pretty “complex” :D Thank you. Maybe you guys could add an attack slider to the lfo directly on the next version, so we could combine this with the delay.