- Pure Tracked Music Radio Launched!

We are very pleased to annouce that a new Internet radio has been officialy launched today -, that is!
The radio is a strict part of site and it’s goal is to stream the best tracked music 24 hours, 7 days a week.
For now, there are 500 tunes in the playlist - tunes that got the highest score from users - but of course the playlist will be updated.
For more information please read the radio FAQ section.

So… tune in and enjoy! :)

By the way, we’d like to inform you that is going through big changes right now.
The site’s core has been completely rewritten, many functions have been improved, errors fixed, the whole site is also a lot faster now.
Currently we’re restoring and fixing old features and also adding new ones.


the time i tried entering a contest on unitedtrackers, they disqualified me; accusing me of using software other than a tracker to compose. not true!

track mentioned: :P…mp3=fruitycrack

More scene radio… (next to nectarine radio)
Also lots of good old stuff :)