Is there a way for Renoise to send modwheel messages via MIDI if I don’t have a MIDI controller keyboard to do this? I’m using the Vienna Symphonic Library with GigaStudio, and it should be possible to control a velocity layered instrument with the modwheel, as entering different volumes in the pattern editor has no effect on the sound. Any suggestions on what I need to do? Or isn’t it possible?

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use a MidiCCDevice, or just put:

  • the insturment number
  • a 90 in the pan column
  • a 01 as command
  • 00…7F as wheel value

Is there a spot where all those commands are available and are globally correct? (without manufacturer specific commands)

The modulation wheel is not specific to a manufacturer. However different patches (on the same synth) react different to modulation. Normally it’s vibrato but often filter cut-off or something else. The pitch bend is almost always supported though. But it’s different ranges for different synths and many have a range setting for how many half notes it covers. And most synths follow the GM specification for the first CC messages. Well, the conclusion anyway is that you cannot be sure if the synth follow a standard, and even if it does that it changes the sound in a similar way.