Monitoring realtime render to disk

So I’ve read a few posts but not really any wiser on why I can’t monitor the output of a realtime render. Is this a limitation of the tracker engine, or am I missing a simple trick? I record external synths and effect delays, and will quite often tweaking them by hand rather than committing it to automation of cc data. This requires hearing what I am doing, so as it stands I am flying a little blind, as it were. Rendering each pass seems quite wasteful on resources not to mention time consuming, but I understand it would work.

Is there a simple trick I’m missing? Can I route a sub output to the sample recorder whilst monitoring through the main outs?


Just wanted to bump this as I feel this is an area of Renoise that could do with improvement

  1. ability to monitor the master output in realtime render mode - why is it silent?
  2. ability to record each track into the Sample Recorder - either as a separate device at the end of a track device chain, or enable routing of the separate tracks to the input in the main Sample Recorder (with an option to create instruments when recording is done).

Thanks @EatMe

I had in fact worked around this back then by placing a recorder plugin at the end of a track chain. My old post (with no reply) just came up again when I search again for any updates on the subject, but nothing had changed since 5 or thereabout years, so I gave it a bump.

I would be nice to not have to resort to such workarounds (like baking the automation in before rendering), and to keep the workflow in Renoise as much as possible (using Reaper for example).