Mono To Stereo?

Hi there

How do I turn my mono guitar/bass samples into stereo? I’m sure it’s somewhere in the sample editor but can’t seem to figure it out.

Cheers. :guitar:

press F11 in the sample editor.
you should realise it’ll be the exact same mono sound on both channels.

For the most part guitar and bass are mono instruments…if it’s got one 1/4 jack, it’s probably mono, unless you’re like BBKing and have a stereo guitar with varitone controls.
You can always record your guitars stereo with two microphones in different positions.
Anyway, once you record your guitar and bass in mono, just experiment with panning position commands in the tracker. That’s about as stereo as it gets…unless you have some effect pedal that outputs in stereo, then when you record, record in stereo.
Anyway, to answer your question, go to sample editor, click record. In recording window notice the three buttons in top right “L” “R” “L & R”
L&R button is for stereo recording.

Thanks guys

This may sound strange, but pressing F11 in the sample editor to convert to stereo works sometimes, but not all the time. Anyone know why that is?

Thanks again for the help!

It should always work.
Make sure the focus is set to the Sample Editor.
Read more about focus concept in renoise here.

Thanks, but don’t think that’s the case. I’ll press F11, the dialog box for processing stereo will appear, I’ll press OK, but nothing seems to happen as it’s still in mono.


Indeed I set the channel value to stereo, so that’s not the case unfortunately. And as for the stereo positioning…I don’t have a bass amp and so I just plug the bass directly into my m-audio firewire. I know, not the ideal situation for pro recording, but I’m just trying to max. my resources without having to buy a bass amp.


And here’s the old time guitar doubling trick: put your mono guitar sample on one channel moved to full left in the spectrum and one more time on another channel on full right, adding a few ms of delay (play it later, not the delay effect).
Or, alternatively, build yourself a preset for any stereo delay vst.