Mono Track Routing

hi all, i have an echo audio gina 3g. i was wondering if there was a way to route each track to each output on the soundcard. it only seem to route it in stereo pairs , so at the moment im getting 3 stereo pairs. i would like 6 monos…
is this possible in renoise? ive also tried the effect command “f2xx” - but that has made renoise crash every time ive tried with this command. has anyone else has a similar problem?
thanx in advance - apart from that, renoise rocks :drummer:

Have you tried simply panning each track full right or full left?

panning the tracks in renoise?
i have paired up channels on my mixer and panned them left and right, but ill give it a go in renoise as well, that may work - nice one :)

i’m thinking if you add more cowbell it might work

Said like Christopher Walken no less? :wink: that skit was terrific!