Monstrum Sepsis Remix Competition

Hi We are releasing several songs as singles this year on a new digital label and I wanted to see what kind of creative remixes people here in the broader renoise community might be able to come up with in addition to the few remixers we’re already working with for these releases.

I’m looking for creativity and innovative technique more than sticking to any genre, in fact the more you put your own into these songs the more likely we will choose your interpretation for release!

These songs were written entirely in renoise, any VST or hardware synths used have been converted to xrnis and packed with the XRNI.

You may use any software/hardware/instrument/thing-that-makes-sound you wish, but bonus points for keeping the song as an XRNS.

You have until May 1st to submit back to me a compressed mp3/ogg and your XRNS of the remix.

Please email me your submission to msepsis @ gmail dot com

I will be selecting the top remix of each of these three songs:




here is a zip of all three XRNSs.

Have fun and good luck!!