Moody Night Song (or?)


there it is, another preview, very “nightish”, mmmh well, whatever it’s a good one ! :)

update: finished :) !

Sounds very nice until now, i like the processed drums and the overall melodys. The only thing i don’t like, is that high lead, which comes in around 0:40. I’m looking forward hearing the complete track. B)

indeed, i didn’t thought much of it either (the high lead), so i wiped it clean :).

by the way i also changed the “master” filter around, but i’m thinking it might be a bit much too “overload”, though it seems ok on my headphone :P (hd650 thingie), think i’ll need to buy some classic hp to figure it out one day…

anyway same link for the mp3 :)

Sweet! :D

The pizzicato thing reminds a bit of some song i heard some time ago, but i can’t remeber exactly. If you’re looking for ideas, on how to continue this track - i would do a breakdown at 1:36 and leave out the drums for 2 patterns or so instead of the melody transposing, after that begin with the drums again with only few instruments in the background and go a bit freaky with the drums and begin with a second theme or use the old one. I would keep the melody transposing for the end of the song to build a finish.

Greets, Alex

Congrats on the Drums & Percussions . they are incredible. Overall I like the song but I think it gets a little bit boring after some time. Probably you could try to make some breaks, a solo part or something to keep it interssting for the listener.

keeps evolving hehe, added a needed break as suggested and well it lasts around 3min now, more polishing and it should be good :)

thx for the tips ;).

same url still, i always upload my work in progress ;).


Time for you to finish this song now, hehe.

done ! :)

the song is finished :), thanks for your input, it helped :).

always same url :walkman:

Nice work on beats and bass. I like the overall atmosphere the tune creates. The used synthesizers sound warm and mostly balanced. I’m missing something that stands out more in the intro part - through all this “mud”, a larger, out-standing instrument or vocal would come nice.

I like the lead coming in around 1:44 - the whole ensemble becomes a little bit empty here. Besides thickening up that lead-synth a little, I’d throw in some background fills, filter gadgets and/or a supporting second melodic layer.

(…why is the end cut off in this .mp3 ?)

Nice work. I like what I hear.

fixed the missing “silence” at the end of the song, wonder how i missed that :P, and changed a few things while i was there :walkman:

Ha, and i thought my downloaded *.mp3 was corrupt. :D

Really nice tune!