Moody Trippy Ride

Slow breakbeat.

Kcirr3d - Techniques for the Gifted

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sh!t yo! :D

I’m always excited when you put out a new release.

This one came out pretty well. Very trippy and I like the “technique” sample. Nothing ‘groundbreaking’ new in this one though. But I’m glad you are doing your thing, beause there have been some AMAZING releases this year.

Thanx Extacado,

I’m still going to improve this track a little.
do you already have Marraskuu funkin?

added some more stufz in them shits.

even through my headphones, the bassline makes my stomache rumble :drummer: the hihats are sharp like knives.

awesome as per usual :D

I really like that sick atmosphere of the song, fat basses and nice beats, well done! Some notes sound a bit misplaced, but i think this was intentional. B)

a ‘sick atmosphere’ i like like that.