Moog Little Phatty, Vst Controller Not Working.

Hello overthere,

I recently bought a little phatty, and I thought it would be nice to controll it easily with The VST Little Phatty Editor V1.1.4 from
I use windows 7 64bit and the latest renoise 2.6 b5.

The problem is, the vst reakts on the hardware, when I push a button the button gets pushed on the screen, but the hardware does not react on the software. I tried this using the midi in and out, and using the usb, tried a clean start song, but nothing works. I have a virus that works perfectly as an vsti in renoise and had an mx400 vsti from lexicon which allso had no problems with my favourite sequencer.

Can I do anything about this to make this work?

thanks very much…

Do you mean that you don’t get any sound or simply that when changing e.g. filter cut off in the editor, it won’t actually change it ?
How do you route the audio from the synth, in case you meant it’s an audio issue ?

Unlike the Virus Ti there is no audio going to the vsti. The problem is the controller data.

  • When you dial the cutoff on the hardware, the cutoff on the vsti changes as expected. That is cool!
  • When you dial the cutoff on the vsti, the cutoff on the hardware doesn’t change. And that is not cool.

You might want to update the firmware on your LP:

I allready did the update…

I will dive in it tonight try to make it work again, but it looks like the vsti does not let my midi output sent any controller data… when I set my synth to local off (split the keys and controllers from the sound engine), everything works just fine… this means my midi in and out work like the should.

Does a vsti sent midi data to the output set in the instrument midi setting automaticly, or does the vstprogram have to arrange it???


still no midi out activity. midi out leds blinking on the vsti but not on renoise…

Have you selected the LP MIDI port at the Instrument Settings in Renoise?

Yes I did…

Tried to contact rekon audio, they don’t answer my questions. Can someone tell me if it is possible that this vst instrument will not work on renoise?