Moonriders - Program Change

Need to have a vst that accepts program changes and a decent list of programs with the vst in order for this to work.
-It is advisable to only run this on a nice system.
-Run this at the current bpm and lpb or at some point cause an overload in renoise, as what we are doing here is listening to the effects of the parameter changes. :)

currently I am using Texture 1.2 in this, you can get a windows version here:

the XRNS link:

Great! I love this sort of stuff. For nasty FM sounds, try VOPM

Thanks danoise :)

I’ve used Green Oak’s Crystal VST A lot with this too.
it’s a pretty strong vst, can go pretty fast with it.

Also originally used mda jx-10
but it will overload my audio device, super_quick.
not strong, but sounds good with it.

better version: