stuff and such.

Earthbound reference? Love that game. See avatar. Definitely captures the dizzy feeling of the game.

yep, i’ve been playing this game (it’s my first time) for the past few months whenever i have the time … it’s soooo long, but totally worth it. everything about this game is awsome except for the grinding, i’m not a huge fan of that.

You definitely have to finish. The sequel is amazing too (there is a translated ROM for GBA). It’s very different from the first but I think it’s equally good. Keep up the good tunage. :drummer:

can anyone tell me if at least the mixing is alright?

Interesting track sounds like minimal in slowmo :)

nice tune. may i ask what is that uplifter at ~1:10; sample or synth? i heard something like that in “boom” by excision & datsik. like’it.

nothing fancy, it’s the same sample that makes the pad-ish sound but with a pitch slide.

I liked it.
I took 2 Nytols tonight, and they started kicking in while I listened to your track.
Kind of the perfect escort.