More About Sidechaining, Is This It?

I don’t really get all this hype about sidechaining but this is how I figured it out in renoise only with gate & sends.

So is this sidechaining or not? cheers.

ps. How can I attach file to this post like in hydra device topic?!

i can’t check out the xrns right now but that’s pretty funny, trying to guess how an effect sounds.
you should read this howto by foo?

well, what would you say? byte-smasher?

I dont really get what ppl are raving about this sidechaining thingie but the thing is that even there is no way to do it ‘proper’ way in renoise atm, there is bunch of tricks you can emulate this thing…


Hm this works. For the pumping bass. It is not sidechaining tho, 'cuz its not the actual amplitude of side chain signal that modulates the parameter or amplitude of carrier, but works for the cause anyway. People who want that pumping effect could check this out, but should recompose the bass line at least. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:P yes, its terrible, but in general i think bumping sidechaining is…and lil bit more self defencing: i’m n00b! :D

Actual sidechaining (from the time when effects where physical devices) is like putting an insert effect or a chain of effects into the desired effect. This is done by putting the signal on a another(side) chain of effects and then back again. One use/abuse of this is to let a different signal control the compression by only using the Sidechain return input.

There are lots of manuals (pdf’s) to be found on manufacturors websites (for example…0_ENG_Rev_E.pdf page.20) where this is explained.

I cant open the file. Wich version of renoise you have??

2.1 beta3

It can be nice effect (4 some ppl) if you over do it but also can make your mix cleaner when it’s just for mixing.