More Built In Dsp-s

A Noisegate/Noise reduction DSP would be a great addition for those who use “real” instruments with ReNoise, I guess

a ‘Dub’ style echo box delay would be nice to have as a built in renoise DSP! with filters and everything

Are you talking statistical noise reduction, or simple threshold noise gating? 'Cause there’s already a noise gate called “Gate2” :P

[x] sidechain :)


Other then some amplitude demodulator (sidechaining) device, I’d rather have more patterncommands. There are tons of vst already that can do all your dub dub dub noodlings :slight_smile:

You know, if we only had proper routing, all of this would be possible with simple VSTs :P

Well, there are VSTs for everything, so we could easily go to an extreme and say we need no built-in DSPs at all. What I mean (and happy_milkshake_man, I guess) is that the built-in delay, the way that it is now, is suboptimal.

Embedding internally the filter device in the delay’s feedback chain (similar to the way it’s embeded in the flanger and chorus) is a little change. Or, at least, it appears to be such on the surface. And with all the different types of filters available, it would result in quite a versatile and powerful delay unit.

I find the distortion suboptimal. Would love to have a built in sound destructor akin to Reason’s Scream. :badteeth:

Side-chaining would really make a difference, tho.

I’m pretty sure the 2 prerequsites for DSPs are that they are:

  1. Very light on processor use
  2. Contain as few parameters as possible, whilst still giving a lot of control

So, my thought is that with adding a filter to the delay, you’d be adding at least 3 parameters, and increasing the processor load significantly… but I could be wrong :P

Also, with Scream-like distortion, you’re again looking at potentially processor intense calculations, and more parameters.

Perhaps you can convince Taktik to make these additional DSPs to the current ones, but somehow I doubt it will happen.