More Colours Including Pictures

I know you can get all the colours in the wolrd for your renoise background and all that, but i’d really love some ‘camo’ background, as I make jungle/drum’n’bass :D any chance of more painting theme choices for v2?

There’s a camo texture already included in 1.8, it was a part of one my old themes.

If you want to add more yourself it’s very easy if you have even a little bit of skill in Photoshop or Paintshop. Just find a seamless texture from somewhere (there are tons of free textures available on 3D websites and things like that), or simply make your own in your favourite application.

Then go to:
C:\Program Files\Renoise 1.8\Skin\Textures\

In here you will see folders for all the existing texture sets. You need to make yourself a new folder, call it whatever you want but it’s best to keep the name simple. Now copy all the .BMP files from one of the old folders into your new folder. Now you can modify the .BMP’s however you like to create your own style. Next time you load Renoise you will see your new texture available in the theme editor.


hey thanks for that great reply, that camo in there allready will do nicley! thanks again! :D