More Control Over Looping

how about a function in the sample edit screen that allows you to choose the amount of times a sample is looped - ie an input box with 00 for infinate (default) but that allows you to enter any other number to control the amount of ‘loops’

and allow decimals so you can loop for example the end of a snare 6.5 times before it stops, or keep the hex format for greater control.

is this possible?

Loop assets are not controlable, but you can use the 9xx command to replay the sample from a different offset.
If you want to retrigger a certain snare add an E1 command in the panning or volume column (also using the 9xx offset command in the effect column), this will retrigger that part of the sample.

yeah but if it could be done whilst setting loop points it would be awesome as you could then apply more pattern fx afterwards as well

and it would give so much more control such as in pingpong looping the second half of a synth note 3 times and the using the 09xx and Ex commands to bring retrigger just the looping part - anyway - it would be good

I think you can automate that stuff in Shortcircuit VST, and it’s free now.
at any rate it’s a crapload of fun.

I don’t get the point… Why don’t you use loop and put a stop wherever you want the sample to end? Or you can also use the instrument editor’s volume curve as a more accurate way.

I say I don’t get it because the time-length of a loop is relative to the note it is played. For example if a loop lasts 4 secs when played as C-4, it will last 2 secs when played as C-5. How do you manage this? Or perhaps it is not a matter for what you have in mind?

(edit: length not legnth me fool!)

say i wanted a snare that pingponged twice sometimes and 3 times othertimes - it would be a lot quicker to do this in with two samples in the editor than to mess around with pattern effects or automation for each snare

its okay though i can just set it up and resample bits

i shall have a look at that later cheers

my two eurocents about this:

the initial idea proposed on this thread is clearly overkill and not flexible; what I really want to see implemented is a slightly different thing, much easier to implement and use: the ability to let the sample continue over the loop on note off.

this could be implemented in a very easy way by defining new loop types:

such a feature would give looping a whole new set of possible usages, which currently is restrcited mostly to drumloops and synthetic sounds

i like It-alien’s ‘release’ function too - its pretty similar to my original idea/request but without the control over amount of loops -

Now here’s something that really makes sense. Would be a revolution in loops.

Not really…if I remember, Impulse tracker had this. Sample sustain loop. Unless I’m just not following you…

Sorry I never used Impulse. ;)

there are alot of other programs that offer this.

however, if you just want to be able to do this to fixed (ie. non-pitched) sounds like snares why not simply built it yourself in the sampleditor ? paste the snare a few times, reverse every odd instance, add an envelope … :D

because i’m lazy
and i’ve wanted a control to do this ever since i started working with samples back in about 97,

anyone know if it is possible to write a script for this in NI’s kontakt?

A couple other suggestions:

-Make a loop in the sample and then do a “render selection to sample”. then open the rendered sample and trim off any instances of the loop you don’t need.
-Create a multitap delay. Now that the native stereo delay has control over pan positions of either delay channel, it should be fairly easy to fashion one out of a chain of delays, or several sends.

I do like the loop-then-release idea. A couple of samplers I’ve had have this feature and the effect is much pyschologically different from the traditional loop-while-release.