More Detailed Midi Humanisation

The humanise option under Vol/Pan/Delay/FX in the advanced editing section is nice, but a wee bit arbitrary. I’m talking particularly about using this on MIDI volume, by the way…

I’d love this to incorporate two extra modifiers, on top of the random variation value currently given:

  1. key tracking: according to the pitch of the nearest note emphasise a positive or negative bias on the semi-random value that’s generated. This could be optionally inverted or a little graph could be drawn to indicate the pitch ranges that should be emphasised and those which should be diminished

  2. LPB/BPM sync or time signature: emphasise or diminish on the basis of whether the current note (or nearest as dammit note) lies on a bar or pattern’s prominent beat. I think that’s pretty straightforward, but if not, imagine a reggae guitar part - it needs the emphasis on the backbeat, and if we’re using an instrument which has a variety of timbre controls associated with the velocity, a timing-sensitive humanisation would let us generate some non-robotic sounding reggae guitar which alternated between palm-muted and open stringed and which fit the riddim. Same goes for a violin patch which has a marcato/sforzando threshold that you only want to trigger in time with the piece.

(As a side note, why isn’t there automatable control over MIDI velocity using an envelope editor? Is there some other means of doing this that I’ve missed? Please, somebody stop me before I flood the Ideas & Suggestions subforum AGAIN!)

I just want some global and track level humanization parameters that don’t affect the pattern data. I’d love to be able to adjust the levels of humanization on the fly to see where it should be, and keep composing with that level active. I personally think messing with the pattern data is ugly and hugely inconvenient. A set of vol/pan/delay humanization knobs in the song properties, as well as one on every note track, would really be nice.

Such super specialized “wishes” really cry for scripting, don’t they? Do it by your own, if no one does it for you. If you can’t wait for the in-built scripting support, we still have the good old Renoise XML mangling tools:

It can stay in the ideas and suggestions perhaps for some scripter to pick it up. Most advanced options can be scripted so it should be no more sweat to extend on this.

Aha! I don’t really know much about the forthcoming scripting engine, or how in-depth it’s going to be, so if it’ll be able to handle stuff like this, EXCELLENT!

Agreed; if this can be scripted, there’s no need for it to be forcibly added to off-the-shelf Renoise.

By the way, is there a thread that specifically discusses the capabilities of the scripting system, or will that all come to light in the future? So excited!

Edit: oh, serious point about the automation of MIDI volume envelopes, though. MIDI panning too, I suppose, for the sake of completeness. I think the audio volume automation isn’t enough for MIDI-controlled instruments, especially if their characteristics are affected by different velocities. How 'bout it? ;)

I hope that isn’t directed at my post Taktik… nondestructive humanization could help almost anyone using Renoise… it’s far from a “super-specialized wish”

But having knobs for those things suggests that there’s a fixed humanisation behaviour which the knob will modify on a single linear basis, so unless it was accompanied by a load of different options, it would be very inflexible for most people as well as being suitable for some. And even if there are options, you’d need to be able to have multiple behaviours in the course of a single project and even a single track/instrument…so personally I’d probably want to script something on a per-block basis, in order to achieve exactly what I wanted in a manner that was sensitive to the evolution of the piece’s dynamics and flow.

I agree that my wish is super-specialised; can’t comment on whether yours is, though ;)

Just wanted to point syphus to the XRNS tools. I know he is a programmer, so he can help himself to make this happen…


No there is none, because it is currently a half-baked system that offers some nice features (and though some are nice, not much around yet that lifts the skirt of someone in need of live-features on this area) and we currently even don’t exactly know how Taktik wants to expand it with more nice stuff.