More Dragging And Dropping

All the following suggestions came to my mind when I found myself trying to do something in Renoise which is not possible yet. But somehow I expected them to work…

  1. Changing the track order in Pattern Matrix by dragging (when I have about 40 tracks in my song then it’s annoying to re-arrange them in Patter Editor or Mixer View; In PM I find the place where I drop the track with a second while in Pattern Editor or mixer scrolling takes much more time)

  2. Same thing for Track Scopes - I found myself trying to drag a scope :)

  3. Drag a device out of your Track DSP panel and drop it on another tracks DSP in Mixer View

  4. Coloured Track Scopes :blush:

with shift or ctrl (or both) to clone them, yay!

1), 2) and 3) - with CTRL + drag to clone :)