More Eq10 Presets

can the next Renoise release have more EQ10 presets maybe? because i like to browse through them and see what they do to my sound as i am shit at EQing myself, i never know how to achieve a certain setting. really like the ones that are currently built in and more presets would be really cool.

someone would have to make those, and personally i’d rather have the devs focus on improving on the software instead of simply presets.
however, i share your sentiment (i enjoy trying out presets), and it would be great to have more of them (and not just for the EQ10). maybe this could be a community effort? i’m sure some of us have home-made presets lying around.
we could do it in this thread, but it should be moved to tips&tricks in that case. what do you think? and what do all of you other guys think? anyone up for this?

you’re right. that sounds like a good idea :)

ok so far i’ve found that i only have 1 EQ10 custom preset, which is a high-pass filter essentially. you can grab it here. (right-click Save File, see instructions below, or go there and copy-paste the XML)

now, what to do with it? and where did i find the file?
on Windows, go to C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Renoise where you’ll see one or more folders (i have 2.6 and 2.7 installed so i have 2 folders). go into a folder and if you have any, there’s a folder called ‘User Presets’. if you don’t, create it. inside that is a folder ‘EQ 10’. if not, create it. inside that are the preset files, .xrdp extension. add the file you downloaded here and it should work.
alternatively you could copy-paste the XML from the link above and save the preset from Renoise.

people on Mac need to figure this out for themselves. i can check out Linux later, currently not logged in.

so, this community effort is a real success. :)

Well in my mind a high-pass filter is the only preset you really use, and then you should use the filter DSP instead of the EQ. Also any EQ setting you put on is tied to the sounds/instruments you’ve decided to use in the song and the classic telephone effect is already in there, what else can you make? :unsure:

Seems to me that EQ is an extremely application-specific tool. 10-band even more so than 5-band. Presets are good for general-purpose things like special effects, like the telephone-filter thing you mention. But other than that, presets aren’t really a thing for EQs.

^ sorry to disappoint you ripley, this seems to be the consensus!