More filter curves

First of all, thanks for the first Beta of 3.0, loving the new features and layout!
I’m sure this has probably been asked a hundred times, and it’s probably a bit late now, but why not. I was kind of hoping for more filter curves in 3.0, perhaps a drop-down with Butterworth, LR, Moog etc. and another with selectable 6dB, 12dB, 24dB slopes. Is that reasonably possible or a nightmare to implement?

P.S. I’ve never worked it out, is it possible to automate loop positions?


New filters type in instrument editor . been asking this since 2.0 came out .

Ah nice one, didn’t spot them there

24db slopes are for several cases too much. a bypass filter with 12db is more useable, for example.
There is a huge list in the intrument editor, but why not in the filter dsp?