More Focus/show Shortcuts

I’m unclear as to why some panels are accessible to show focus/show shortcuts and some aren’t. For example, I can option-tab my way into disk/op->directories frame, but there’s no way to assign a shortcut to that (in order to get to it via the keyboard, I focus on the disk op file browser and that option-shift-tab backwards into the directories panel). It would be useful to be able to assign shortcuts to any panel that is option-tab-“able”.

Well, you can store screenstates under any of the function keys (F1 to F8), the current area of focus is included, so if you would store a view preset where the keyboard-focus is on the diskbrowser underneath e.g. F5, you would instanly access the diskbrowser with access to it the next time you press F5.
You could perhaps also try one of Esaruoho’s tool (Paketti) which does some special things here as well (combining different views underneath one function key). I thought it was not possible to change the keyboard focus under Lua, but i thought Paketti perhaps allows you defining a lot of different user view presets with different keyboard focus set along.

Hi… I hope we will soon have more API-based control over instrument box sizes, track dsp loader (bottom left corner) size etc. Paketti uses direct api functions to modify where the cursor focus is, which frames are displayed and which tabs are displayed in the frame. and yep, there’s three-mode-shortcuts in it.