More granularity in automation

One of the great weekness against other DAWs in Renoise is the granularity. It’s very difficult to work “in-between” steps. Say you want a very fast pitch arbitrary pitch bend. That’s currently impossible, at most you can do a linear ramp between two steps.

My suggestion is for Renoise to be able to select x1, x2, x3… xN resolution in automation tracks. That way compatibility can be maintained while having new functionalities.

Not that I don’t want better automation possibilities, but through increasing the pattern size, expanding the pattern content and adjusting speed/lpb/bpm accordingly, you have a way to increase ‘resolution’ in between steps.

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This is true for effect commands, but graphical automation allows you to zoom in for granularity at a level of 1/256th of a line.


@Jonas True, but it defeat the purpose of the tracker, and you’ll end up with a piano roll instead of a convenient track.

@Achenar But it still will allow only 1 value per tick (line in the track), or am I missing something?

Yep I was missing something. I had the magnet active and thus I couldn’t edit in-between beats. Now I can, thanks!