More High-Pass Filters In Renoise

High-pass filtering is probably the most used processing for recorded parts (to remove LF rumble). In Renoise it’s a bit awkward, because there are no filters in the native EQs (low-shelf isn’t quite the same) and the filter is 24db/octave and high resonance at minimum, which is very aggressive and mostly good for shaping synth sounds. Getting 6db/oct and 12/oct filters without external GUIs would be really useful for me.
Any chance to get these implemented?

I’m not sure but didn’t the old filter versions have more choices (older than Filter 3)?

There are four filter types on the Filter DSP. Use one of the two Butterworth slopes, no resonance peaks. Still a steeper slope than you seem to be saying you want though so maybe some lower order filters added could be useful at times.