More Instrument Envelopes

As it is quite ***** placed now, would be cool if we could actually use more envelopes for instruments, similar way you can use more plugins
also an option to have the envelopes unminimised would be cool, i really dislike how when i want to go to instrument mode i open up the sample keyzones instead
and … well :(

I sometimes also would like to have an extra volume envelope to add a more controled tremolo effect. (you can still do this with the LFO, but you can’t really delay the initiation of the effect.)
The envelopes definately deserve their spot on the middle frame rather than the bottom frame.

can someone please explain to me why the envelopes are not just part of the DSP section, as, say, an Envelope Device? is it just that the Instrument Envelopes can be applied on a per-sample basis, while the Track DSPs are just that: effects on the entire track?

if that is the case, i’ll give you a +1 for the suggestion, but i also think it would be even better to have a way to have ‘Sample DSPs’ instead of Track DSPs.

I feel that the instrument envelopes are part of a bad/old design, waiting to be phased out. Rhowalt is hopefully describing the future. Renoise going Reason :)

Renoise is Renoise… Reason is Reason.

Reason is no reason to reason about Renoise.

but seriously, anyone who can shed some more light on the history and intention of the instrument envelopes? quite curious as to how they relate to the DSP devices and the decisions made here.

Cut and paste from a magical place… I might be bending the rules a bit much for peoples tastes, but fuck em! ;)

The current instrument envelopes are actually invisible, low cpu, optimized FX “on each track under the hood.”

It doesn’t scale to more complex DSPs.

This is part of an ongoing internal discussion about:

@conner_bw: awesome. that’s a pretty good explanation, and sheds a lot of light on this discussion. i’m satisfied. thanks a lot for your rebellious behavior!

allowing instrument envelopes on vsti though would be great,

somehow I feel that the renoise team is missing a bit on multi sample instruments are used for drums,
there instrument envelope definitely has it’s place and actually would be extended to global instrument envelope , vs
envelope per sample - as different drum hits may use different envelope -
saying something about envelopes being obsolete is very untrue and while global redesign of instruments may be good step,
i think the traditional instrument tracker section has it’s place but actually should be extended

i understand the automation envelopes on vsti instruments may be tricky in connection with actual vst automatization
but i suppose the user could decide wheter he wants the automation to be locked - to the parameter envelope or wheter
he wants to use it freely in automation window,

tbh i personally do lot of automation with envelopes within vsti synth, i can’t really say that i started to like renoise
automation window yet